Yeeland 0

Top entrance of Yeeland's Funland.

Yeeland's Funland is an area in Paradise Lost. It is located in the East side of Paradise Mall, having taken the area where Turdines used to be. Encompassing two stories, It is home to various arcades such as:

  • Balls Out
  • Xtreme Loathing
  • Crackman
  • Farmaggedon
  • Preyday 2
  • S.T.O.C.K.E.R.
  • POSTAL Redux
  • Equality Simulator
  • Sexy Witches vs the Pope
  • Malice

In addition to the video games, there are pinball machines such as Larry's Revenge and Mata Hari, Air Hockey, Pool Tables, Prize grabbers, and a Love Meter.

First accessible on Tuesday, the Postal Dude is tasked with delivering motherboards for RWS' new game to the owner, Yeeland. The arcade itself is actually a front for an arms smuggling operation (hence why it's still in business unlike every other arcade that went under a decade ago) with a sealed room loaded with cash in the back.

Trivia Edit

  • Xtreme Loathing is a reference to the POSTAL-esque Hatred. While the Equality Simulator is a jab at the radical feminism.

Gallery Edit

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