WMD is a special weapon featured in Postal 2 ; it was added in Share The Pain.


WMD is shown as rocket launcher with significant modifications. It's in tan color, has two thin pipes with red valves and a rounded red barrel with drawing of dog's head around green bubbles and smoke (can be easily seen when HUD is disabled). The weapon itself is one of the best in game. It does more damage and has higher blast radius than Rocket Launcher. The explosion creates green mist, but it does no damage, unlike the Diseased cow head's mist. If somebody is be caught in blast radius they will take very high damage, so insta-kills are likely. However, players should be aware of this weapon's power and take out the targets from a distance safe enough to not get hurt by explosion.

The WMD owns another benefit; If victims survive the single attack from this weapon, they will be downed and green mist will appear coming out from them. They will vomit until killed by same or other weapon. If somebody (including the Postal Dude) goes near an infected body they will get infected as well and take damage. There are two types of attacks: Primary attack shoots straight ahead lightweight rocket. Secondary attack shoots heavy bouncing rocket that is affected by gravity and will explode after some time.


WMD can be found only in Tora Bora that is accessible through the Obligatory Sewer Complex. There's always only one terrorist with a WMD equipped who comes to attack you after you clear the factory and force the cutscene which unlocks the box holding another WMD.

In the Paradise Lost DLC, the WMD may be found atop the entrance to the Winter Wonderland along with two WMD rockets on Thursday, which can be reached by crouch-jumping upon the wall. In the original AWP, it was possible, but highly unlikely, that a bystander had a WMD on higher difficulties.


  • WMD is the abbreviation for "Weapon of Mass Destruction".
  • After firing with primary attack, the Postal Dude will reload the weapon, while there's no reloading animation for secondary attack and player can shoot continuously with that.
  • When hell dogs are hit by this weapon, they will kill each other quickly until only one is left.
  • This weapon cannot be obtained by cheats, unless the player found it before. This makes WMD a "Secret Weapon".