Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer as he appears in the Postal film.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Unknown
Status Film - Dead

Real life - Alive

Played by Himself

Verne Troyer is a celebrity arriving to Paradise in the Postal movie. He appears as the guest during the opening day of the Little Germany amusement park. During the event, a massive gun battle between the Postal Dude and Uncle Dave's cult against the Terrorists takes place, resulting in Verne's kidnapping by the cult. Verne is taken to the cult's Compound, where Richard, Uncle Dave's right-hand man, decides to initiate the Apocalypse. According to Uncle Dave's "Good Book", the event that would begin the Apocalypse is the rape of a thousand monkeys by a "tiny entertainer". For this purpose, Verne is thrown into a group of chimpanzees, who immediatelly start raping him, thus initiating the Apocalypse.


  • Verne partially replaces Gary Coleman's role from Postal 2.
  • Troyer (as an actor) played all of his dangerous scenes, probalby because he is a stuntman himself.

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