"You fools! You have not vision what is movie!" — Uwe before threatening to beat up some angry nerds

Uwe Boll
Uwe, ready to fight a group of nerds.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Little Germany (film)
Status Game - Depends on player actions
Film - Dead
Real Life - Alive
Played by Himself (film)
Joe Cerniglia (Postal 3)

Uwe Boll is a real life film director who directed the Postal film. So far, he has appeared as a character in the mentioned film, as well as in Postal 3.


In the Postal film, Uwe is the owner of the Little Germany amusement park. He is hosting an event in which a shipment of Krotchy Dolls is set to arrive, until he is attacked by Vince Desi, the developer of the Postal series, for adapting the video game into a film and apparently ruining it by doing so. The fight ends when Uwe is shot in the genitals, prompting him to confess he hates video games and made all the movies bad on purpose to give video-games a bad reputation.

Postal IIIEdit

Uwe appears as a character for the first time in the Postal video games in Postal 3. Uwe visits Catharsis to shoot one of his films. However, he is attacked by a group of video game nerds who dislike his films. In the "Good Path", the Postal Dude (acting as a Police officer) is tasked with saving Uwe from the nerds. During the mission, Uwe is seen wearing boxing gloves, and defends himself by beating the nerds with his fists alone. The player can choose to kill Uwe, but will still have to fight the nerds thanks to denying them their revenge.

After the Postal Dude defeats all the nerds, Uwe gets angry at him because the camera was broken during the fight. Uwe is about to challenge the Postal Dude to a boxing match, but one of his crew tells him that the script was also shredded during the fight. Uwe gets angrier and leaves Catharsis.

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