Tuesday's tasks and map.

Tuesday is the second playable day in Postal 2. It has 4 Errands total.


  • Confess sins - Head to the Church and make your way to the confessional to confess your sins.
  • Get signatures ( Does not have to be completed until Thursday) - Simply ask around the people in Paradise to sign your petition.
  • Return book - Head to the Library and return the book.
  • Get Gary's Autograph -  Head to the Mall, find Garry and get his autograph.


  • Confess sins - Postal Dude heads to the Church to confess his sins. The player has two choices after arriving at the Church: Confessing the sins or simply killing the priest. After confessing all his sins by simply saying "Bless me father for I have really sinned, really! I'm not kidding here. Big sinner. Yep!", the Church comes under attack by Al Qaeda. The player has the choice to either fight through the numerous terrorists who storm the church, or to run through them.
  • Get signatures - From the start of the day, Postal Dude wants to get his Petition signed, which is to "Make whiney congressmen play violent video games". Through consulting various townsfolk, Dude manages to get all eight needed signatures signed.
-on the higher difficulties, this mission changes its simplistic nature. In the original AWP, when everyone hates you, you are forced to get either the Police Uniform, or the Random Wardrobe to get everyone to stop hating you in order to obtain the signatures. In Postal 2 Complete, this mission is completely removed since the higher difficulty also removes the police uniform from the overworld, and the random wardrobe does not exist.
  • Return book - Postal Dude heads to the Library to return the book in which his wife was reading, titled "Catch Her in the Rye". After he puts the book in the drop box, the Library comes under attack by Book protestors, who set it alight using gasoline. Dude is forced to fight through the protestors inside the burning Library, and is tasked with finding a way out. Ultimately, he manages to find his way around and successfully escape.
  • Get Gary's autograph - Postal Dude heads to the Paradise Mall to get Gary Coleman's signed book "What I'm Talkin' Bout. The player can either wait in line to get a copy, or kill Gary to steal one. If the player chooses to wait in line, the Police will launch an assault against Gary Coleman and his crew, resulting in a bloody gun battle. Luckily, Dude will not be considered an enemy, and will not be shot at unless he shoots at them.

Key ItemsEdit

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