The main complex in the underground infrastructure.

Tora Bora is an area introduced in Share The Pain.


Tora Bora can be accessed only through the Obligatory Sewer Complex, which in turn can be accessed via various sewage pipes in paradise. The exterior area is canyon-like, and is populated by numerous terrorists who will attack on sight. The interior area is built into a cliff and is a large Al Qaeda infrastructure which goes underground. Inside the infrastructure features a POW cell containing National Guard soldiers (who are being fed dog food) as well as various armories with Grenades and the secret Weapon of Mass Destruction. It also houses a large complex, as seen in the picture on the right.

In Paradise Lost, the area is newed by Terrorists.


  • Tora Bora means Black Cave in English, and it is a real cave complex located in a mountain in Eastern Afghanistan. The cave complex was known for its use by the Taliban Insurgency.

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