The POSTAL series follows what can only be considered a "loose continuity". While certain events clearly happened in a linear fashion (Postal III to POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost) other times they lead to more questions than answers (POSTAL to POSTAL 2). The developers (Running With Scissors) have said on more than one occasion that they don't worry too much about what is canon and what isn't; most notable of this is the inclusion of John Murray from the Eternal Damnation mod in Paradise Lost.

To that end, this page exists as a catalogue of the POSTAL Timeline including the main series and various spin-offs.

Timeline Edit

Main series Edit

POSTAL (1997) -> SPECIAL DELIVERY (1998) -> SUPER POSTAL (1999) -> POSTAL 2 (2003) -> APOCALYPSE WEEKEND (also 2003) -> Postal III (anywhere between 2003 and 2015) -> PARADISE LOST (2014 - 2015) -> POSTAL Redux (2017 - 2019)

Spin-offs Edit

Shtopor Zhzot -> Postal (Mobile) -> Postal Babes

Questionable Canonicity Edit

Eternal Damnation and Hatred

Inconsistencies and unanswered questions Edit

Theories Edit

Postal and Postal Redux (the first game remastered) are set not long before the events of Postal 2.

Postal 3 could've been set in 2011, as the death of Osama is shown and Champ is seen for the last time in the Postal universe. But as Paradise Lost reveals, it was set between 2003 (the end of Apocalypse Weekend) and 2014 (the beginning of Paradise Lost) - the events consist in the Postal Dude's visions while in a coma.

Eternal Damnation, the expansion of Postal 2, can be set anytime in the Postal universe, most likely during Postal Dude's period of coma. The protagonist still appears as a cameo in Paradise Lost and can be killed by the Dude, suggesting that Eternal Damnation comes before Paradise lost.

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