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The Bitch
The Bitch 2
The Bitch as seen in Postal 2: Paradise Lost.
Type Human (Later Demon)
Gender Female
Affiliations Herself
Officer Greg & John (film)
Status Game - Dead
Film - Dead
Played by Victoria Bell (Postal 2)
Wendy Carlson (Human, Paradise Lost)
Ashley Maina (Demon, Paradise Lost
Jodie Stewart (Postal film)
The Bitch is what the Postal Dude calls his unnamed wife. She is an unseen character in Postal 2 and finally appears in Postal 2: Paradise Lost, and is the one that gives the Postal Dude a list of errands to do every day. She complains that it was the Postal Dude who insisted in relocating to Paradise for a job at Running With Scissors. The Bitch would not let the Postal Dude get into the trailer until he has completed the errands of the day.

Postal 2Edit

Originally, the Bitch planned for the Postal Dude to do errands for her only on Monday. However, the Dude is fired, but he tells his wife he is on "sabbatical". As a result, she decides to get him do more stuff for her for the rest of the week. On Tuesday, the Postal Dude has to return a copy of Catch Her in the Rye that the Bitch has been reading. However, the Postal Dude remarks that the Bitch "can't even read". After completing all the errands of Tuesday, the Postal Dude and the Bitch briefly talk about the fate of Gary Coleman after his brush with the Police, and if they would get more money for What I'm Talkin' Bout now that Gary has been gunned down. On Wednesday, the Bitch makes sarcastic remarks on the fact that the Postal Dude bought a Xmas Tree, claiming she "can't wait to decorating", and that the Postal Dude's early choices would affect the future, given that it is July. On Thursday, the Bitch tells the Postal Dude that people are really crazy about getting a Krotchy Doll, and then complains when the Dude spills some napalm over her carpet after he shows her his new Napalm Launcher.

On Friday, after the Postal Dude has completed all of that day's errands, the Bitch asks him if the remembered her Rocky Road, which she told him not to forget on Monday. The Postal Dude indeed forgot about the Rocky Road, and there is no actual place in Paradise to get it. A gunshot ends the discussion and Postal 2.

In Apocalypse Weekend, it is revealed that the Postal Dude shot himself. He wakes up in the Paradise Hospital on Saturday, and receives a letter from the Bitch telling him she has left him and went to her mother's house.

Postal 2: Paradise LostEdit

In Postal 2: Paradise Lost, the Bitch had lost weight over the years. She appeared at the end of Wednesday when Mike J planned to marry her. However, upon hearing the Dude's voice, she flew into a rage and attacked her ex-husband. This forced the Dude to kill her and Mike J attempted to revive her. Instead, all that happened was that her body returned to its former size.

However, she later reappeared with Mike J in the heart of the town. After several more battles with the Dude, she transformed into a giant demon and captured Champ to serve as the final boss of Paradise Lost. When defeated once more, she began to berate the Dude about their life together, how he couldn't even do simple errands, and how he never remembered her rocky road. The Bitch was then destroyed once and for all by a bomb thrown by the Dude.


In the Postal film, it is revealed that the reason for which the Bitch never leaves the trailer is because she is morbidly obese. Despite this, the Bitch is still able to cheat on the Postal Dude and to have several lovers, including a neighbor, and Officer Greg and Officer John. Ultimately, the Bitch and her lovers are killed by the Postal Dude, who detonates some explosives he left nearby the trailer.

The character is portrayed by Jodie Stewart, and is credited as "Bitch".


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