Telekinesis is a weapon introduced in AWP, but more prominently featured in Postal 2 Complete. When "fired", the postal dude picks up an object with primary fire, and can carry them as far as he wants. Hitting primary fire again will simply drop the item, but secondary fire allows you to throw the lifted object. It brings a red bar up on the bottom of the screen, and the more filled, the farther it will be thrown. If you pull out a weapon while holding something, it will be freed from the hold instantly.

In AWP, players could only pick up some static objects, such as lamps and cars. Telekinesis also has its own weapon slot and icon in this version. The thrown item may or may not damage your target. There is also a honking sound played when an object that would be able to be lifted cannot be.

In P2C, this ability is only available in enhanced mode, and replaces the empty hands. In this version, the properties are the exact opposite, being able to only pickup people at close range. When thrown enough, they eventually die of fall damage. The picked up victim can still attack.

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