A Teen Sniper arcade machine.

Teen Sniper is an arcade game developed by Running With Scissors which goes unused in POSTAL 2, appearing only in A Week In Paradise. The only machines are located at Grossman's Arcade. Every time the Postal Dude gets near a Teen Sniper machine, he will say "That's clearly wrong", implying that even he considers a game of such nature to be extremely violent.


  • It costs 1 token to play.
  • In the Fudge Pack version of A Week In Paradise, Teen Sniper cannot actually be played. Although, one can update their game here.
  • The mini-game itself is simply the dude shooting random people that walk by from a sniper tower. There is no ending, and one simply walks out of the tower to return to the main game.
  • In early versions of AW7 the optional mission where The Dude must kill 100 zombies took place in the Teen Sniper map.