T. Dude, Sr.
T. Dude's grave at the cemetery.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Cemetery
Status Deceased

Mr. T. Dude, Sr. (1942-1996) is the Postal Dude's late father. It is suggested that the Postal Dude hated his father, since one of the errands on Wednesday is to "Piss on Dad". Also, T. Dude's tombstone says "hated and reviled father". The Postal Dude goes to the Cemetery to urinate on his father's tomb, but after doing so, he is knocked down by a group of Rednecks who take him to the Brewery. T. Dude was 54 when he died, heavily suggesting that he may have been killed or died of an illness.

It's been hinted that the burial at the final level in Postal Redux is in fact the Dude, Sr. one.

Happy Night Edit

The Postal Dude Sr. is shown in the 3rd party mod "Happy Night" as a man incarcerated in the Redundant Asylum. His appearance is similar to his son except he has grey hair and wears a red coat (just like Postal Dude in the 1997 disc version of Postal).

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