Postal Dude, seconds before the grenade explodes.

"I regret nothing!" — The Dude's famous quote, before killing himself

"Press k to end it all. This puts you in an irrevocable situation. Once this sequence starts, it’s time to think about all the good times you had (think really quick) and say goodbye to all your friends (yeah, right). Once in this mode, you won’t be able to move, but you can use the mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out to check out the situation. Don’t worry about ammo -- you’ve always got a secret grenade saved up just for this occasion. Press Fire when you’ve had enough." — Suicide's description in the manual

Suicide is a feature in Postal and Postal 2. When the key defined to it is pressed, the Postal Dude will either take out a pistol and shoot himself in the head (Postal) or pull the pin of a grenade, put it in his mouth and blow himself up (Postal 2).

The main use of Suicide is to allow a humorous way to re-load a saved game without waiting to slowly die, or having to go onto the pause menu. In recent updates to Postal 2, the player is also given the option to 'wuss out', effectively cancelling the suicide attempt. Suiciding does not reappear in Postal III, but can be done with the "kill" console command.


John, about to commit suicide at the end of Eternal Damnation.

In Eternal Damnation, suicide occurs in a few places the real way. John commits suicide with a gun in the ending cutscenes of the game. His love for Lorie Heath is so strong, he kills himself in order to join her in the afterlife. If comitting suicide in-game, John commits suicide with a grenade just like the Postal Dude. There is also a few rooms in the game, in which a man shoots his own head off.


  • In Postal and Postal 2, before commiting suicide, the Postal Dude says "I regret nothing!", this phrase was re-used as a homage in Apocalypse Weekend before the game ends, when the Dude escapes Paradise's destruction.
  • In Enhanced Mode the grenade is yellow and it will make a gigantic explosion similar to those of the Mini-Nuke Launcher.

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