The Submachine Gun in Postal 2 Complete

The Submachine Gun is a weapon featured in Eternal Damnation, Postal 2 Complete, Paradise Lost, and Postal Redux where it is referred to as the MP5.


Redux submachine

The Submachine Gun is an automatic weapon with two fire modes: Semi-auto & Full-auto. By default, it is set on Semi-auto. Compared to the game's other automatic weapon, the Machine Gun, the Submachine Gun deals more damage (a little over 50% more damage per shot), but ammo for it is more difficult to find around town. However, it loses accuracy at long range.


  • Both versions of the Submachine Gun are based on the Heckler & Koch MP5, the ED/P2/PL version being based on the standard version, and the Redux version based on the shortened version, the MP5K.

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