Steme logo.

Steme is a video game store located at the east side of the Paradise Mall. It re-opens in June 2016. To reach Steme, the player must find the VR Headset in the East Mall.

Games Edit

Steme sells many parodies of popular games, including:

  • Gary's Mod
  • Cyka Strike: Global Blyat
  • The Wadfather
  • Call of Pahnom
  • Negto Police 3
  • Postal Redux
  • Postal Fudge Pack
  • Postal 2
  • FEAR
  • Postal
  • Race
  • Paradise Lost

Postal Redux seems to be Steme's premier game.

Interior Edit

Inside Steme are Shitsung TVs playing Postal Redux and a lot of game shelves. At the back of the store, there are couches and 2 TVs along with a VR headset.

Outside Edit

The outside of Steme is Matrix-like. Green coloured code comes from an abyss. It assembles the original Mall layout. Approaching the abyss will return the player back to the present (2003).

Upon exitting the right side, there is a book titled "Sports Almanac 2003-2016". This pokes fun that the player has time travelled to 2016. Going near the book will return the player to reality.

Achievement Edit

The achivement "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" is achieved after purchasing Postal REDUX for 10 dollars. The Postal REDUX item has no current use and can not be dropped. The description is "An artifact marked POSTAL Redux, a precious and holy relic from future times!" and "Available now for purchase in the real world!".


  • The sports almanac is a reference to Back to the Future Part II.
  • The Steme name and logo is a reference to Steam.


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