4 packets of Steaks

"These better be damn fine steaks for all that bullshit." — The Postal Dude

"The Steaks need to be bought at the local store. Like many other items, you will need money to purchase this item." — The steaks' description in the manual

Steaks are an Errand Item in Postal 2. On Thursday, the Postal Dude needs to head to Meat World in order to get steaks for the Psychotic Friends Network BBQ. When he asks for service, he realises that the clerk is not there, and therefore goes into the back room to get the steaks himself, only to be attacked by butchers. After fighting through the meat processing area, Postal Dude eventually comes across a packet of steaks.


  • The quote the Postal Dude says when approaching the steaks was removed in Postal 2 Complete.
  • The manual for Postal 2 incorrectly states that you have to purchase the steaks with money. This might have been done to leave the encounter with the butchers a surprise.

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