5 Slices of Pizza

"Pizza can be used to cure light wounds. Apparently, the local cheese has unique properties…" — Pizza's description in the manual

A Slice of pizza is a food item in Postal 2 and its expansion, Apocalypse Weekend. Slices of pizza are usually found in threes and fours, making the item abundant and easy to come across. Generally, the food item can be found inside of homes on dinner tables or, more commonly, at picnics in the Forest area. When eaten, a Slice of pizza heals 5 hitpoints.


  • The description in-game for the Slice of pizza is "Magically cures light wounds when eaten". This is sarcastically poking fun at how many games, including Postal 2 itself, allow you to unrealisticly heal any kind of wound instantly by eating food items.
  • The pizza is topped with ground meat.
  • Originally, the pizza was to appear in Postal 3. it was to function similarly to the one in Postal 2, although it's properties (health restored) is unknown. it still appears in various levels, but has no function whatsoever and acts as nothing more than a static prop. it's health restoration was most likely not finished as the method of health recovery in Postal 3 is simply hiding behind cover/not taking damage ala Call of Duty.