Type Human
Gender Male (before sex change)
Status Alive
Played by Petr Glanc
Shtopor (Corkscrew) is the protagonist of Corkscrew RuLes. Not much is known about him other than he looks like the Postal Dude, has/had a large penis, and is a porn star.

Postal 2: Штопор ЖжОт! Edit

Shtopor is a man who awakens one day in a mental institution with amnesia after having undergone a (failed) sex-change operation. His adventure begins after being forcibly discharged from the Asylum as he journeys to find his lost penis and kill the bastard responsible.

Trivia Edit

  • In original version Shtopor used Postal Dude's textures in Steam version his look is more inspired from box art.
  • Shtopor means Corkscrew in translation.
  • It's unknown if he got his penis back or if he kept Bin Laden's.

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