The Shotgun...? as seen in Postal 2 Complete.

The Shotgun...?, referred to as the Beta Shotgun in the weapon selection, is a very rare, but more powerful version of the regular shotgun.

It behaves similarly to the regular shotgun, but fires many more pellets per shot, causing it to deal more damage and also allowing it to be more effective even at long range. However, it requires reloading after every six shots. It is quite powerful, and can kill a police officer with a single close-range headshot. The gun was introduced in Eternal Damnation, and is a very rare item in Postal 2 Complete and Paradise Lost, where it is also called the Beta Shotgun. It shares its ammo with the Shotgun, the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Lever-Action Shotgun.

The variant in Eternal Damnation has an explosive secondary fire which is very powerful, being able to kill John at full health in one shot if fired too close to himself. The explosion looks just like the M79 Grenade launcher's of the same game. Secondary fire in Postal 2 and Paradise Lost is simply a manual reload of the gun, presumably due to balancing reasons.

Trivia Edit

  • This gun is believed to be the original version of the shotgun from the alpha version of Postal 2.
  • The weapon is modelled after the Franchi SPAS-12 with a wooden finish.
  • Whenever the Dude or John reloads the weapon, he will attempt to shove a handful of shells into the ejection slot.
  • You don't receive this weapon upon using the Give All weapons cheat.

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