Sergey Mavrodi
Sergey Mavrodi introduces himself.
Type Human
Gender Male
Status Alive (Game)
Alive (Real Life)
Played by Mike Jaret (Credited as Sergey Mavrodi)

Sergey Mavrodi is a millionaire-in-exile residing in Catharsis, and only appears in Postal III.

He only appears in the Good Path. When the Hockey Moms and the Nerds occupy Thompson's Funland Arcade, the Postal Dude and the Postal Babes decide to confront them. Sergey arrives and volunteers himself to help in the mission. After clearing out the arcade, he explains to the Dude that the arcade machines run thousands of calculations to assist in his pyramid schemes, before handing him a copy of his brochure. The Postal Dude then leaves the arcade with the feeling that he "just got brainfucked".

Trivia Edit

  • The real Sergey Mavrodi is noted for running the MMM Ponzi scheme, the largest ponzi scheme of all time.
  • Despite being billed as "Sergey Mavrodi" in the credits, the character was actually voiced by Mike Jaret.

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