Saturday is the first day of Apocalypse Weekend and the sixth day of Postal 2 all together. 


After The Dude's "firearm" accident at the end of Friday, he wakes up in the Hospital. Receiving get-well cards, he is informed that The Bitch has left him, his trailer is being repossessed, and Champ will be put to sleep tomorrow at the pound. Having no money, The Dude sets out to get some more of the green stuff. He donates to the Hospital's seminal research, get's a bite to eat, and takes out mad-cow infested Zombies, as well as the cows themselves. After killing the cows, Vince calls Dude and tells him that Bullfish Interactive has RWS' Gold Master of Postal 2, and they need it back. Dude heads to Bullfish INT and promptly recollects it from Phraud Hogslop, killing him in the process. The Dude returns the gold master to Vince at his safe house, and retires for the day.


  1. Seminal Research: Dude donates some of the white stuff to get a quick buck.
  2. Escape the Hospital: After Dude donates, he needs to get out of the Hospital.
  3. Get some Food (Kill 20 Zombies): Dude becomes hungry after leaving the Hospital and heads to Greasy Panda. Once there, he needs to take out 20 zombies before the military takes care of the rest.
  4. Kill 21 Mad-Cows: After being recruited by a random police officer, Dude has to kill 21 mad-cow infested Cows.
  5. Return the Gold Master: The Dude has to return RWS' Gold Master of Postal 2 from Bullfish Interactive.

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