Rosco watching an elephant killing a vegetarian.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Rosco's Elephant Themed Novelties
Status Unknown (most likely dead after the Thermo-nuclear warhead explodes)
Played by Unknown

Rosco is a Mexican man running Rosco's Elephant Themed Novelties, a business selling wastebaskets made out from elephant feet. Since Rosco is most likely an illegal immigrant into the United States, he fears that he might be arrested and sent back to Mexico if he is caught killing elephants. For this reason, when he sees the Postal Dude coming out from Vince's House, he offers him the job to kill 21 elephants (10 in Postal 2 Complete) at the Elephant Preserve in exchange for some money "to buy new clothes" and a ride to Lower Paradise. Though the Postal Dude takes Rosco's offer as an offense, he then accepts the job. Rosco gives the Dude a Scythe. After completing the mission, Rosco urges the Dude to get out of the preserver as soon as possible, otherwise he would blame the Dude alone for the slaughtering.

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