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Richard during his final confrontation against the Postal Dude.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Religious Zealots
Status Dead
Played by Chris Coppola

Richard is Uncle Dave's right-hand man and the only male member of the religious cult in the Postal film. Initially, he joins Dave, the Postal Dude and the rest of the cult in the hijack of a shipment with 2000 Krotchy Dolls, and participates in the gun battle against Terrorists at Little Germany. When the cult manages to get the shipment, they go back to the Compound, where Richard goes mad and, after Verne Troyer is thrown to a group of chimpanzees to rape him, he announces that Uncle Dave must die, supposedly fulfilling a profecy from Dave's "Good Book" that says that Apocalypse will begin with the rape of a "tiny entertainer". After kissing Dave in both cheeks and in the mouth, Richard shoots and kills him. Richard then proceeds to imprison the Postal Dude. However, the Postal Dude manages to escape from the compound and begins a massive gun fight against armed townsfolk, terrorists, the remains of the cult, and Richard. After the Dude and Faith managed to kill all the people, Richard tries to stop them when they are on their way to leave Paradise, by jumping over the police car the Postal Dude was driving, and shooting the Dude. However, the Postal Dude is not wounded, and shoots Richard back, killing him.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Richard is played by Chris Coppola.

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