The Rhinoceros
Randy Jones on Rhino during a rodeo.
Type Rhino
Gender Male (identifiable by horn)
Affiliations N/A
Status Alive
Played by N/A
The Rhino is an animal that to appears as a boss in Postal III.


The Rhino appears twice in the game during the Good Path (Police Monkey Test Lab Assault and Police gay Rodeo). While normally docile, the Rhino becomes incredibly unstable when it's high on Meth. To stop its rampage, you have to trick the Rhino into running into things until it's brain turns to putty.


  • How the Rhino got into Catharsis is unknown, as it would be illegal to use an endangered and/or exotic species in a form of sport.
  • The strange black and white markings on the Rhino are painted on, probably by some homo.