inventory icon for the random wardrobe

The Random Wardrobe is an item found exclusively in the original AWP mod. The overworld texture is an exact copy of the Postal Dude's Outfit's. This item can only be found in the Obligatory Sewer Complex behind a waterfall after Monday, and sits next to a SIC body armor. This item allows the Postal Dude to "change clothes" into a random person. What actually happens is that the Dude's head is slapped on to another body. The Dude will also say a funny or related line to whatever clothes he randomly changed to. The randomizer will never choose the Postal Dude's outfit, the Gimp Suit, or the Police Uniform. When swapping clothes, certain people will hate you, such as vegetarians attacking a butcher. You can also use this item when you get into trouble such as with the police, or just when people attack you, since they will not recognize you when you change. If the Dude is wearing a random person's clothes, then when he enters the next level transition, another random wardrobe will be spawned in the inventory.


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