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The Postal Dude

The Postal Dude - The Postal Dude is the main protagonist of the Postal series. Postal Dude appears as calm and easy-going, but can be sociopathic and cynical when pushed to the edge. He often states he doesn't like video games after killing people, however he is seen supporting them, since at one point he sets up a petition to "Make Whiney Congressmen Play Violent Video Games." He wears his trademark leather trench coat and sunglasses at all times, though he has the ability to change into various outfits that will affect how the people of Paradise view him and will affect the HUD with a unique design as well. read more...

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  • ...That the Postal film only made around $150,000 in the box office?
  • ...That Postal 2 was rated as "the worst game ever made"?
  • ...That the Terrorists in Postal 2 are actually generic civilians and speak with American accents?
  • ...That The Postal Dude's actual name is The Dude?

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