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Two Postal Babes.

Not to be confused with Postal Babes, the mobile video game.

The Postal Babes is a group of hot girls supporting the Postal Dude and Running With Scissors.

Postal 2Edit

In the Share the Pain expansion, they appear cheering the winner team up. The Postal Babes are the main focus of the "Snatch" mode, in which the players of a team must prevent their babe from being captured by the opposite team.

In Apocalypse Weekend, the first Postal Babe appeared in a dream of the Postal Dude while he was unconscious in the Hospital. After the Postal Dude defeats Phraud Hogslop, Vince Desi invites the Postal Dude to a party at his house with the Postal Babes. The Postal Dude asks Vince to save a blond for him.

Postal 3Edit

Postal Babes return in Postal 3. Their leader is revealed to be Jennifer Walcott, who is promoting a "Postal Babes Gone Insane" DVD line. They are seen aiding Jen, the Postal Dude and Sergey Mavrodi in a mission to confront Hockey Moms and Nerds that have taken over a building and are attacking the Police.

Video gameEdit

Main article: Postal Babes (video game)

The Postal Babes star in their own mobile video game. They receive a message saying that there are some strange events taking place in the local university. The Babes later know that a group of maniacs have invaded the university and are holding first year girls as hostages. The Babes have to infiltrate the university and defeat the maniacs before rescuing the hostages. For this purpose, the Babes will have several weapons at their disposal.


  • Real pornstars act as "Postal Babes" for promotional purposes of the Postal series.
  • Faith can be considered a honorary Postal Babe, since Jackie Tohn is frequently featured on the official Postal Babes website.


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