The Baton

The Possess Baton is a weapon found in the AMN mod. The weapon allows a player to actually play as any human NPC. This can make the game tricky to survive in since

Playing as a girl.

If the player is killed while possessing a NPC, the game over screen appears and must reload the last save. NPCs have much weaker defense than the Postal Dude. While playing as a bystander, missions count for the Postal Dude, and they can also enter loading zones; control is returned to the Postal Dude befor loading the next zone. When a person gets possessed, the player is put into the third person, and that NPC gains a Possess Baton themselves, which can be used to possess others or return to the Postal Dude. by using the command [switchmode] a possessed human can actually climb up objects, and the camera changes.

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