The Police Uniform

"I am The Law! HA HA HA HA! " — The Postal Dude after putting the police uniform on

The Police Uniform is a clothing item obtainable in Postal 2. It can be found in the Police Station locker room, and also by entering the cheatcode "Iamthelaw" for it. When worn, civilians will treat Postal Dude with respect, and commiting crimes will not attract Police attention unless an Officer was attacked.

In enhanced mode, the uniform is automatically added to the Dude's inventory.


  • If Postal Dude is wearing this outfit and attacks a civilian, another officer will usually say "Watch it, someone might say "I have a camera", this is a sly reference to the Rodney King beating, which sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Similarly, when wearing the uniform, the Postal Dude says "Gee, I hope nobody is taping this" from time to time after killing someone. The quote which the Postal Dude mentions after wearing the uniform is a reference to a fictional character Judge Dredd.
  • From Wednesday onward, the Dude can buy the uniform at the Money Shot Laundromat for $500.
  • Should a police officer see you put the uniform on, they will attempt to arrest you.
  • If you enter the Ghetto area while wearing the Police Uniform, all the residents will attack you.

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