A map of the Paradise Mall. The East side is in blue, and the West side in red. The yellow square in the middle is a level transition between the two wings.

The Paradise Mall is Paradise's shopping center. It is divided in two wings: East and West. The mall is home to several shops that sell books, food, radars and even weapons. There are several stores in both wings of Paradise Mall that are under construction, one of the rooms was reopened in 2016, other rooms will be open in year 2029 (considering Postal 2 was released in 2003). Other signs read "Pardon our dust".

East MallEdit

The East side of the mall can be accessed through the Office Complex and the Trainyard Area. The central hall of the East Mall is the place where Gary Coleman is located on Tuesday to give autographed copies of his book What I'm Talkin' Bout.

The following stores are located on this side:

West MallEdit

The West side of the mall can be accessed through the Trainyard Area. There is an area near Toyz 'n tha Hood with lots of graffiti saying "Keep Out" that is apparently inhabited by gangsters, who will attack the Postal Dude as soon as he enters the area, or will call the Police. The following stores are located on this side:

More stores were under Coming Soon, such as "Big John's Borrowed Baby Bonanza" or "Tokea Bowl".


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