Officer John
Officer John during the Little Germany raid.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Police, The Bitch
Status Dead
Played by Ralf Möller

Officer John is a police officer appearing in the Postal film. He is best friends with Officer Greg. John is first seen having a verbal fight with Greg while detaining a Chinese woman for stopping the traffic. He is later seen attending the Little Germany festival, when he does nothing to stop the fight between Uwe Boll and Vince Desi, until Vince and/or the Postal Dude accidentaly shoot John and Greg's disabled friend Harry.

John and Greg are later seen informing the civilians of the crimes of the Postal Dude. Finally, both officers are revealed to be among the lovers of the Postal Dude's wife. The three of them are killed by some explosives detonated by the Postal Dude.


  • Officer John is portrayed by Ralf Möller.

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