Officer Greg
250 pxpx
Officer Greg shooting the Chinese woman.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Police, The Bitch
Status Dead
Played by Chris Spencer

Officer Greg is a police officer that appears only in the Postal film, and plays a major role. He is first seen when a Chinese woman holds up traffic by stopping at a green light. He gets angry at this, and begins to yell profanities at his partner Officer John and the woman. After calming down, he decides to go and talk to the woman, but ultimately he blasts her multiple times with a shotgun, thinking she said a racial slur to him.

Later that day, Greg is off duty, and bumps into his "friend" Harry, a disabled man. Harry apparantly owes Greg money, and as a punishment for not giving him any, Greg locks Harry up in his garage and begins to take advantage of his disabilities by tube feeding him petrol. The next day, Greg attends the Little Germany festival, and following the shootout there, he chases Postal Dude and Uncle Dave's cult in revenge for Harry's death.

Finally, when Postal Dude escapes the secret bunker, it is revealed that His Wife is having an affair with Greg. The angered Postal Dude plants explosives on his trailer and detonates them upon leaving Paradise, killing Greg along with John and his cheating wife.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Officer Greg is portrayed by Chris Spencer.

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