Nick's Co-op is an amazing mod by Evil.

Description Edit

This mod allows one to play the POSTAL 2 base game, Apocalypse Weekend expansion, and the A Week in Paradise mod with up to 16 other players in POSTAL 2 Complete. In addition to this, it allows one to play custom maps in Co-op fashion.

Gameplay Edit

Each player has their own health and is able to traverse a given area without any restrictions except being unable to move to the next area unless one is the admin/host. Errands only need to be completed by a single character to count for the group. In addition, death is handled differently than the base game. When one's health runs out, the fallen Postal Dude is surrounded by a "help me" graphic and has a timer before he can be revived by a living Postal Dude (merely by touching).

API Edit

In addition to this, the API (kit of usefull editor ACTION_*s) created by A-Mod for the Co-op mod was released allowing modders to create custom Co-op maps taking advantage of the new features.

Versions Edit

  • BETA build.Early build of Coop mod was presented in 2015, it was based on original Postal 2 Share The Pain 1407, but unfortunately it was not released. Full walkthrought on this version you can watch here.
  • 1.0.0 release for steam workshop . Work on this version was started 25.08.2015, and was released 05.08.2016. The main difference between BETA, almost all replication systems were recreated from scratch without changes in source code of the game, like it was in BETA.
  • 1.1.0 update. This version is in development at the moment and it's going to be released in June 2017. It is currently at 99% completion.

Links Edit

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