Mr. Murray
Mr. Murray about to talk to his son at the Carnival.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations John Murray, Carnival
Status Deceased
Played by Mike Jaret

Mr. Murray is John Murray's father and the owner of the Carnival. When John was in high school, he started dating Lorie Heath, a girl who practiced witchcraft. As a result of this, she became possessed. Father Winston, the priest from the local Cathedral, decided to take matters into his own hands and took Lorie to the Cathedral to exorcise her. However, while he was performing the exorcism, the Police arrived and arrested Father Winston, thinking he was about to rape Lorie. Though Father Winston was found innocent, his name was never fully cleared and Mr. Murray was one of the many who still considered him a pedophile. Because of this, Mr. Murray forbid John to continue dating Lorie, fearing that she might have gotten a STD from Father Winston, but never explained the true reason to his son.

It is until many years later that John decided to confront his father on his decision. Mr. Murray reveals that he forbid him to date Lorie after Father Winston supposedly raped Lorie. John decides to take revenge on Father Winston, so he goes to the Cathedral. However, when he arrives there and confronts Father Winston, the priest tells John what had really happened, and John realizes that Lorie is still possessed. It is later revealed that Lorie has kidnapped Mr. Murray, whom she calls the man she trully hates, and sacrifices him, by beheading him with her katana, in order to bring her master The Devil to the world.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mr. Murray's appearance and voice are provided by Mike Jaret, product manager of the real Running With Scissors, Inc.

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