Monday's tasks and map.

Monday is the first playable day in Postal 2. It has 3 Errands total.


  • Pick up Paycheck - Head to the Running With Scissors HQ and pick up the check from Vince's office.
  • Cash Paycheck - Head to the Bank and cash the check you collected or go into the vault and take the money.
  • Get Milk - Head to the Lucky Ganesh and purchase/steal a carton of Milk.


  • Pick up Paycheck - Postal Dude heads to Running With Scissors to get his paycheck for last week's work. Upon entering Vince Desi's office, he tells Dude that he is fired, for reasons unexplained and to Dude's great surprise. Upon picking up the check, the Parents for Decency members who were protesting outside the offices, storm in through the front door and begin attacking Dude and the RWS staff. It is up to the player's choice as to whether they want to stay and fight the protestors, or to run through them. Either way, Dude manages to survive the attack.
  • Cash Paycheck - Postal Dude heads to the Fee of America Bank in order to cash his paycheck. If the player chooses to wait in line to cash it, upon doing so, Robbers will run into the bank and attempt a stick-up. However, they are taken down in a matter of minutes by Police Officers. If the player chooses to go into the "Staff Only" area and go into the money vault to rob the bank, an alarm will sound and Police Officers will rush into the bank to confront Dude.
  • Get Milk - Postal Dude heads to the Lucky Ganesh store to pick up a carton of Milk. The dairy goods are located at the back of the store, and the player has the option to either pick up the Milk and wait in line to pay for it ($5), or to pick it up and run out without paying, resulting in Habib, the shopkeeper, calling the Police and confronting Dude with a Machine Gun.

Key ItemsEdit


  • It is possible the Dude was drunk on the job, since the first thing he says when writing down the errand is "I was pretty hung over yesterday, but I think I remember where I work".
  • In Postal 2 Complete, a Grate gets in the Dude's way if he tries to steal the Milk and go out the front door.

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