Mohammed driving Osama and the Al Qaeda terrorists to the Little Germany Festival.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Al Qaeda
Status Dead
Played by Michael Benyaer

Mohammed is a major character in the Postal film.


Mohammed is a high-ranking member of Al Qaeda, and is in charge of the terrorists located in Paradise until Osama bin Laden arrives. He is the mastermind behind the plan of stealing 2000 Krotchy Dolls, intent on filling them with Avian influenza and selling them to Western children; A plan in which Osama does not approve of as it is too similar to the "last plan" involving Anthrax, which didn't work. A running gag in the film is that when Mohammed is speaking to someone, he often raises his voice unexpectedly or appears out of nowhere in collaboration with overdramatic music, which often startles the person he is talking to. He appears to be extremely loyal towards the organisation, being even firmer and dedicated than his leader Osama. Towards the end of the film during the Apocalypse, Mohammed attempts to escape the town in an SUV after failing to take down Faith and Postal Dude. As he is escaping however, Abdul, The mentaly challenged terrorist accidently detonates explosives inside the SUV, sending it skyrocketing into the air, and landing on top of the GluttCo CEO. Mohammed escapes the wreckage, but becomes ingulfed in the flames and slowly burns to death.

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