Mini-Nuke Launcher with some ammo in Postal 2 Complete.

The Mini-Nuke Launcher is an exact copy of a Rocket Launcher with just a different body color, and no scope (though it is still on the weapon while you hold it).  It also has a lot of power, as it will kill the Dude in 1 shot unless he has at least some body armor, and obliterates its target's body, except for limbs. This weapon was introduced in multiplayer, and ported into AWP. The Mini-Nuke Launcher fires a missile, and creates a gigantic explosion radius with a tall mushroom cloud when it lands. This weapon can only be obtained in the room with the thermo-nuclear warhead. (In Paradise Lost, there is one during the Apocalypse in the Church confessional.) In the original AWP, enemies on higher difficulties would wield super powerful weapons such as this, but not in Postal 2 Complete.


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