The Medkit in Postal 2.

The Medkit is a health item featured in POSTAL and POSTAL 2.


The Medkit first appeared in POSTAL, one could be picked up in order to regain 15HP. It can be found in every level of the campaign.


The Medkit reappears in POSTAL 2 and its expansions. Behind the Health Pipe, the Medkit is the second most useful health item, healing at 30 HP. It can be found during Errands, hanging on walls and in corners. Outside of Errands, the Medkit can be found in houses, especially in bathrooms. The only place in which a Medkit is sold is in the Fee of America bank, at one of the desks of the upper level.

Unlike other health restoratives, Medkits can not be collected into the player's inventory. Instead, they`re used up on the spot, healing whatever injuries the player has.


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