M@D Inc. Laboratory Syringes are a unique weapon found only in the original AWP mod. This weapon is a modified version of Scissors with many added effects. Although it shares the same animation of secondary fire with the scissors, nothing happens at all. When the syringe hits an enemy, that enemy will stutter and move strangely, giving The Dude a small opening so he can attack or get away; enemies still attack normally.

The syringe will make a red cloud that damages anyone inside it, similar to the Diseased Cow head, but with less power. The damage from the clouds can stack, and too many syringes at once can crash the game. When the Dude gets hit with a syringe, what really happens is seen: the player's vision is skewed, and the dude stutters on his own, making it difficult to move. The only way to disable the effect is to simply wait it out. If the player dies while under the alternate vision effect, then the player will be stuck with the vision upon respawning until either the game is restarted completely, or the player gets hit with another syringe and allows it to finish naturally. If the effect is stuck, it will carry over between loading zones.


  • Technically, skewed vision effect is a script that alters the field of view. In case the player gets stuck with this effect, it's also possible to fix it via a console command fov n, where n is a number representing a viewing angle (in degrees) that the player chooses to apply, e.g. fov 90.


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