the bong and weed

M@DJ@cK@L's Bong and some Weed is a healing item exclusive to the original AWP mod. It is an alternate version of the Health Pipe since it sets HP to 150, but only after about 10 seconds of hearing The Dude using the pipe. In this sense, it may be inferior to the original, since health pipes set HP to 125 with no waiting time. Despite its slow speed, the 25 HP may be worth the tradeoff if used strategically. In addition, there are some situations where the player can only obtain this, while health pipes are nowhere to be found.

Eternal DamnationEdit

In Eternal Damnation, an unused variant exists. It is actually a weapon, and the player would have to pick up bags of weed as ammo. It heals about the same amount of HP, but the using speed is much much quicker. It also gets stuck in the weapon slot after use if the player has more ammo; the only way to fix this is to drop the weapon and pick it back up.



The original bong in Eternal Damnation, unobtainable during normal gameplay.


The ammo for the Bong.

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