Last Action Gyro.

Last Action Gyro is a fast food store located in the Food Court of Paradise Mall. It sells bags of fast food. The meat of the burgers of the fast food is apparently cat meat, since a poster in behind the counter has an illustration of a cat inside the bag and says "Gato Con Carne, Estupido Gringo". This phrase is written in Spanish, and is literally translated as "Cat With Meat, Stupid American" ("gringo" being an offensive slang used by Spanish-speaking people to denote an American).

In Beast Love there in the "Employees only" area, there is a table in which a dead cat lies, along with several pieces of meat and blood, suggesting they kill cats and other animals there. (posibly to make the bags of fast food)


  • "Last Action Gyro" is a reference to the movie Last Action Hero.

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