The Kick is a type of weapon in Postal 2 and its expansion, Apocalypse Weekend, and Postal 3.

Postal 2Edit

"Even if you’re only armed with your matches you can still kick! Press q to kick in front you. Kick people out of the way, or cops trying to arrest you. Be careful when kicking people for the fun of it -- if cops actually see you kick someone, they’ll arrest you. While you’re at it, try kicking doors open as you approach them for a faster way to open them if you’re in a hurry." — The kick's description in the manual

When the button defined to Kick (Default Q) is pressed, the 

Postal Dude kicking a door open

Postal Dude swings his foot in the direction he is facing. It is useful for beating people to death, but it can also be used to open doors a lot more quickly, kick back thrown objects such as grenades or even rockets, and clear the path of obstacles and civilians if they are blocking one. The kick is also one of the few ways to get rid of a dervish cat, but also the only way get rid of a dervish cat without killing them. They can be killed by the kick however, if you kick the cat too many times. The kick has three different types of launching strengths. The ordinary is the normal kick when you are standing up. If you crouch and kick, the kick will simply push a object such as a head a few meters. If you jump and kick, a object will be launched much further away.


  • Several civilians in Postal 2 have "Kick me :-)" signs on their backs. Doing so will just result in them running away in low or moderate difficulties.
  • The kick may be a direct reference to the quick kick in Duke Nukem 3D, where the protagonist used a very similar move throughout the game.
  • Postal 2, Duke Nukem, Bulletstorm, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Dead Island are rare games that allow players to kick.
  • Postal Dude's leg changes according to what outfit he's wearing.
  • There is a hidden cheat "Mightyfoot" which makes your kicks super fast and deadly, except against zombies.

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