Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez driving his tank.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Venezuelan Army
Status Dead
Played by Fernando Rivas

"Lindo gabacho, Uncle Hugo is coming for you! Come out, come out! I'll give you a nice present!" — Hugo Chavez to the Postal Dude.

Hugo Chavez is the final boss in Postal III. In the "Good Path", after the Postal Dude defeats Mayor Chomo, Uncle Dave and Osama, the city of Catharsis is invaded by the Venezuelan Army, led by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Chavez arrives to Catharsis driving a huge tank, which he uses to destroy anyone who opposes him.

While the Postal Dude fights Venezuelan soldiers, Al tries to fight Chavez himself by freeing a group of badgers, but Chavez uses his tank to kill Al and the badgers. When the Postal Dude finally meets Chavez, the Venezuelan president starts yelling insults at the Postal Dude through a megaphone, while the Postal Dude exclaims he hates "final boss fights".

The boss fight involves defeating not only Chavez, but also destroying the cannons and launchers of his tank. When the Postal Dude manages to destroy the tank and defeat Chavez, he urinates on his dead body.

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