The Helper Monkey is an animal that appears in Postal III, Paradise Lost and the Postal film.

P3 monkey

Postal IIIEdit


A monkey raping a man's face.

The Helper Monkey features in Postal III as a throwable weapon that will hump the face of whoever it hits. This is all for naught as the thick diaper it wears prevents it from actually accomplishing this though is still very uncomfortable for the victim.

Alternatively, the Postal Dude can use the Laser Pointer to designate a potential victim. The Monkey was formerly used in test labs, and has an apparatus on its head which presumably alters its mind in order to make it do what it does when triggered with the laser.

Paradise Lost Edit


A gun-wielding monkey.

In Paradise Lost, Helper Monkeys make a return carrying guns this time around and (when freed) they will protect the Dude from any perceived threats.

They are encountered in Creature Control Center and Pets on Monday, and there are six in total.

Movie Edit

In the movie, it's discovered when thousand monkeys rape a "tiny entertainer" The Apocalypse will begin (it's writen in Good Book). The fanatic Richard believes this and throws Verne Troyer into group of thousands of monkeys. The monkeys begin raping Troyer.


  • The species of Monkey in Postal III is a Spider Monkey.

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