Harry "The Wheelchair Guy"
Harry with Officer Greg to his left.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Officer Greg
Status Dead
Played by Jonathan Bruce
Harry is a character in the Postal film.


Harry is a middle aged man who appears to be suffering from paralysis, as he is bound to a wheelchair and cannot move his mouth to talk. Because of this, he uses grunts and growls to communicate with others. Officer Greg, a corrupt cop, takes advantage of Harry's disabilities, stealing any donation money he recieves and keeping him locked up in a garage every night. Despite Officer Greg's cruel nature towards Harry, he seems to endear him in a way, showing grief when he is inadvertently shot at the Little Germany Festival and chasing down Dude afterwards, believing he pulled the trigger.


  • Harry is a parody of critic Harry Knowles, who negatively reviewed Uwe Boll's films.

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