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Happy Night is a Christmas themed mod by Revival Games for POSTAL 2 Share the Pain. A total conversion mod, taking place before the events of POSTAL 2. A copy of POSTAL 2, the Share the Pain multiplayer (which is available for free), or a copy of the game on Steam is required to play the mod.

Plot Edit

Taking place on December 31st 1994, we follow The Postal Dude who needs money to pay his rent.

Features Edit

  • Absolutely new plot with a lot of errands
  • Integrated ragdoll dismemberment
  • Improved physical simulations
  • Integrated few animations and situational awareness on multiple AI types
  • Support for a large amount explodable objects
  • Enhanced shop system (buying, selling)
  • Improved weapons system with many different interactions
  • Weapons upgrades
  • Actual working vehicles
  • Enhanced arcade game systems (Sonic Adventure, Mario Bros, Fruit Ninja, Racing)

Information Hub Edit

  • Items in Happy Night
  • Weapons in Happy Night
  • Characters in Happy Night

Steam Version Edit

A Steam release of the mod has been released on 12.12.2016. It contains many new features when compared to the original release. Current version is 1.4. The workshop page can be found at the bottom of the page.

Developers Edit

This mod was created by Revival Games studios (four people)

  • Anton Voroncov a.k.a A-Mod - Game design, Level design, textures, models, some additional coding.
  • Nick Pilshikov a.k.a Evil - Coding, models, animations, textures, additional level design. The same person who made the Nick's Co-op mod for POSTAL 2.
  • Max Popov a.k.a Flafster Substancy - Level design.
  • Erik Rossik a.k.a ErikFOV - Setting, Testing, additional animating, additional level design.

External Links Edit

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