The patient that escaped from his cell and killed Happy Hill staff.

The Happy Hill patients are a group of individuals residing in the Happy Hill Asylum due to their mental illnesses. After killing the man that was attacking his girlfriend Lorie Heath and destroying his head with a bat, John Murray is taken to Happy Hill and becomes a patient. John manages to escape from his cell at Happy Hill when one patient started killing nurses and other staff members.

On his way out of the Happy Hill, John is confronted by several other patients who also escaped from their cells as a result of the killings. Some other patients remained in their cells, most likely unaware of what was going on. Among these patients were one with his walls covered with newspapers, others laying in the floor, and even one who has been apparently masturbating for a very long period in time and his wall covered with semen.

Before leaving the Happy Hill basement, John finally battles the killer, who is armed with a meatcleaver. After defeating him, John manages to go to the upper part of Happy Hill, and on his way out is confronted by more patients (along with security guards, butchers and other Happy Hill staff).

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