"Monkeys see, monkeys do, stop the tests before we do!" — Slogan


The HAAT or "Humanity Against Animal Testing" are a group of protestors against animal testing in front of Creature Control Center and Pets on Monday. They are wearing dark purple blouses with HAAT sign in front and Humanity Against Animal Testing in the back. The HAAT are protesting in front of Creature Control Center And Pets at the Paradise Mall, showing picket signs with legends such as "Animals are people too", "Save every chimpan-a to chimpan-z", "It's a mad house!", "Animal testing drives me bananas!", "Say no to three headed monkeys", "Primates are my mates".

When Postal Dude checks all dog kennels in Creature Control Center And Pets a female member of HAAT calls other members to break into the animal center to release all animals. She goes inside and shoots the fuse box with a Pistol to release the elephant. Then the animal defecates on the activist, burying her in huge pile of elephant dung and blocking the exit. The Postal Dude must find an alternate way and eliminate other animal rights activists he runs into. Despite all this they don't become one of Hate Groups, although for the rest of the week a few of them can be seen at the CCCP, attacking the Dude on sight.


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