Grandpa Bob
Grandpa Bob watching some pigeons.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Unknown
Status Depends on player's actions
Played by Timothy Kuder

Grandpa Bob is a minor character in Eternal Damnation. After John Murray gets out of the Sewers and arrives to Newlow, he meets Grandpa Bob, who unlike many other citizens of Hasselridge is not afraid of him (unless Grandpa Bob sees John carrying a fire weapon), nor calls him a psycho. Grandpa Bob greets John instead. However, as Grandpa Bob is surrounded by pigeons, if he runs, he will cause the pigeons to attack him.

Grandpa Bob does not play any role in the overall plot. His name is known only from the multiplayer version of Eternal Damnation, and it is unknown whether he is John's grandfather or is just called that way by everyone else.

Behind the scenesEdit

Grandpa Bob's voice is similar to that of the Rednecks from Postal 2. Timothy Kuder voiced the rednecks (as well as some other characters), thus his voice is also used for Grandpa Bob's dialogues.

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