The Gingers are a group of individuals in Paradise and their leader is Zack Ward. They are the (optional) third of the hate groups to appear in Paradise Lost, making their first strike on Wednesday, though several Gingers are seen since Monday without attacking the Postal Dude. The Gingers have a headquarters building named Winter Wonderland (formerly Police Station), and have characteristic ginger hair.

When attempting to raise donations for Mike J's wedding, the player is offered the opportunity to go the Winter Wonderland zone to complete the objective more quickly by getting some of Zack's child star royalties. Of course, given the none-too-subtle imagery around the complex detailing Zack's ego and that he doesn't give to charities, the player will be forced to fight him and a large group of Gingers should they go this route. Gingers will only become hate group if Postal Dude decides to get some of Zack's child star royalties instead of getting donations from people around Paradise for Mike J's wedding.

More Gingers appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as they see him.

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