Postal Dude wearing the Gimp Suit

"Oh my God! I'm the damn gimp! " — The Postal Dude after discovering he is wearing the suit

The Gimp Suit is a clothing item in Postal 2. It is worn during the "Pickup Laundry" Errand on Wednesday after Postal Dude is attacked and kidnapped by rednecks, but can also be obtained by entering the "smackdatass" cheat code. When worn, the Gimp clothes cause everyone in the area to turn around and laugh at Postal Dude, or say demeaning things to the postal dude. Purchasing items from vendors will be delayed because they laugh at you for a little while before offering their services., Other than this, the Gimp Suit has no positive or game-enhancing effect.

In Paradise Lost, the Gimp suit can be found in several places and will hide the Postal Dude's identity from hostile hate groups while making rednecks attack him on sight. However, offended hate group members will still turn hostile if bumped into.


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